Announcing Streamapse Online Magazine 1st Year Anniversary


Announcing Streamapse Online Magazine 1st Year Anniversary

Streamapse Music Group is proud to announce that we have crossed another milestone in the history of our company. On the 23rd of this month Streamapse Online Magazine shall complete the first year of its establishment. I take this occasion to thank each of you for being an earnest part of Streamapse Online Magazine. Streamapse Music Group began some twenty one years years ago providing label services covering Marketing, Promotion, Sales, Distribution to artists/labels and maintains contracts with recording artists and their managers. Streamapse Music Group has risen up to stand tall amongst the business leads of the time. Our company has countless achievements and accomplishments, especially from last year with the forming of Streamapse Online Magazine which proved to be exceptionally productive for our company. Without the support of our excellent team it would never have been this big. Every one of you plays a very important role in the development of our company. It is for your enthusiasm, […]

Announcing Streamapse TicketStream | Virtual Festivities

Virtual Festivities tickets are the new and thrilling element in entertainment! You can now get close to your preferred singer, entertainer or athlete how can you pass up the opportunity to get Virtual Festivities tickets at TicketStream. LogonAndGetVirtual Performers from throughout the world are stepping to deliver leisure to their loyal followers when they want it most. In this time of shelter in everyone can use a little pick me up and Virtual Festivities tickets will do simply that. Performances, Q&A’s, classes and more will all be a section of these different programs when you buy Virtual Festivities tickets. More —>>

SMG Exclusive Artist Services

Need mastering or cover art? Want to get your tracks on radio? When you release music through SMG you have access to a number of exclusive offers and discounts to help you reach a competitive sound quality and get your tracks on air. For more information Contact Us

SMG Streamapse Magazine Presents Artist RollOut

We’re offering the opportunity For Artists to be featured on the platforms promotional streaming service and the new Streamapse Magazine at no cost and placed in the “Artist RollOut” segment in the magazine. Artists please use the link below, it will take you to our Submission Form. When you complete the form you will receive an email with further submission directions. If your not an artists but know of one pass on this information. Secure a slot using this link: HERE!

Our Brand

  Through innovation, the Streamapse brand has expanded by reaching our audience through multiple platforms across digital, podcasts, mobile, social media, film and video. At Streamapse Magazine, we believe that every story has a story. Streamapse is a service provided and maintained by AGDG.

Our Content

Streamapse is a global music and entertainment platform that brings artists and fans together through unique music and content experience. Streamapse offers digital streaming of the music and video on demand from the artist you love. Stream & enjoy a select mix of curated playlist. Also our hand picked playlist filled with original exclusive content. Learn More!

Our Products & Services

Streamapse Music Group offers a comprehensive suite of artist/label services which include distribution and promotion on the Streamapse Service Platform and inclusion in Streamapse Magazine. If you would like to be considered for the Streamapse Service Platform contact the Streamapse Team via email provide your full name and email for more information. Artist can continue to branch out & have phenomenal careers and have their music heard by thousands from across the world on Streamapse. Learn More!

SMG Announces Launch Of Streamapse2.0

Streamapse highly anticipated Streamapse2.0 launch is on. This is the platform everyone’s talking about great music, playlist and more and being on it will give independent artist major exposure. Streamapse2.0 Platform Gives Unreleased Up-And-Coming Artists Resources To Promote Their Music.

Streamapse Music Group Announces Free Distribution Opportunity

Want Free Distribution? Release Unlimited Music For A Full Year With. Publish your music to Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, TIDAL, Deezer, YouTube Music, Amazon Music and other streaming platforms. Streamapse Unreleased a program that gives up-and-coming independent artists the means and resources to pursue their passion of music. Every month one artists will be chosen for the Free Distribution Opportunity. For more information Contact Us!